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5th-Oct-2010 12:31 pm - TIME ZONES
In an effort to prevent confusion about due dates in future:


This clock is the current time in my time zone. It is the clock that all the challenges run off of. You can link this clock in your team communities, and you may bookmark it for reference for yourself. If I do not put a countdown clock up with a challenge post (and simply put a time), then you can use this clock to determine what time it is in my time zone at any given moment.
7th-Jun-2010 04:52 pm - Being a Team Leader
What being a team leader means

1. You are, as the name states, the leader of your team. No, that doesn't mean you boss everyone around. It means you motivate, encourage, and excite your team to victory!

2. To do this, reminders, nagging, and other enticements in your Team's community are encouraged.

3. Your team will also look to you to keep track of their individual point scores! This is very easy. When each challenge's points are tallied, a post in the main community is made. Each member's score from that activity will be stated. All that needs doing then is to add it to their previous score which should be kept up to date on the side bar in your team's community! You will be a moderator of your team's community, so changing the side bar will be easy for you!

4. You may style your community's user info and tag system however you so choose.

5. You are also responsible for keeping peace in your team. Make sure all the community's rules are enforced, and that no one is being hateful to anyone else.

6. I will inform you of any new members, etc that you need to be made aware of through the team leader community (i.e this community!) which you will receive an invite to.

7. At this point and time (since we don't have a full set of team leaders) you won't be asked to take care of posting challenges or anything like that. Once each team has a leader, and the round has settled in comfortably, we'll all discuss that issue and decide what to do. Until then, all you have to worry about is motivating your team to victory, making sure they stay in line, and taking care of your team's house keeping!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them!
2nd-Jun-2010 07:35 pm - Member List
Member List

Team Greater Good
Team Leader:
undrwrldangel24 | undrwrldangel24
lacedcrown | lacedcrown

forgetmenotts | forgetmenotts
amarra_jade | amarra_jade
staringiscaring | staringiscaring

Team Mt. Olympus
Team Leader:
hovercarracer | hovercarracer

ambiguous_opal | ambiguous_opal
zoesmith | zoesmith
mask_of_mafdet | mask_of_mafdet
thecallingvoid | thecallingvoid
flareonfury | flareonfury

Team Amazon Nation
Team Leader:
pikachax2713 | pikachax2713
mistress_orange | poisontoosierol

fifthhouse | fifthhouse
needtakehave | needtakehave
gracepersists | gracepersists

Team Blood Bath
Team Leader:
anarya_snow | anarya_snow

linguology | linguology
dbzxenaman | dbzxenaman
0liquid_dream0 | 0liquid_dream0
lita64 | lita64

Total Members: 21

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